About Us

At Playford Game, owe make board games that bring people together to connect, engage, and to share a time of joy and reflection.

We create reality-change experience that inspires learning by playing and that encourage real-life decision-makings in games.  We call this “Reality Change”.

President & Founder
David Stennett

David Stennett founded Playford Games in 2010 in Munich to publish Moral Conflict series of strategy games, with Stefan Kolmsperger as the graphic illustrator and Art Director.  In 2013, Dave moved to the California, married Eunice and together they established Playford Inc in the US.

Artists and Designers

Stefan Kolmsperger
illustrator and graphic designer

Art Director at Playford and a resident of Munich, Stefan uses mixed media to create title pictures for Moral Conflict collection.

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Jon Adams
creator of Cartography

Jon brings together the map building fun in Carcassonne and the complexity and challenge of Go while driving to work in LA one day.

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Eliot Hochberg
Creator and illustrator of Ilios

Eliot is the video producer for Never Not Funny and other comedy shows in Los Angeles.

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Paul Ali
Creator of Capere

Retired teacher living in Los Angeles, Paul fulfills his long time dream in publishing a board game and a scientific fiction.

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Daniel McKinley
Game Designer

A teacher by day, and a game designer by night, Daniel created many of his games in a dream. He lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico, with his wife and two kids.

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Arpad Fritsche
Game Designer

Creator of children’s games BauBoom and Riff Route, Arpad invents games in Munich, Germany.

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Playford Players

The Heldenschmiede Players

Spent many of their Saturdays in Kempten, Germany testing Moral Conflict. Many thanks to Eugene, Guy, Dirk, Michael, Mogel, Mark and Jonathan (not pictured) for their influence on the game’s final design!

Thomas Jörg

Lives in Munich, Germany and has helped demonstrating and testing Social Abstract games.

Mike Tugwell

Lives in Orange County, USA and has helped developed Moral Conflict and Multi-game System.