Moral Conflict Strategy Game Tutorial

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Moral Conflict Strategy Game

The Moral Conflict Strategy Game is a historical game based on the events during the Second World War. Starting in the summer of 1941, five world powers were engulfed in a struggle for world dominance and survival. In Moral Conflict, players lead their powers in a battle between good and evil, economic crisis, diplomatic negotiation, combat and a technology race. Central to these challenges is the use of economic resources in the second dimension in the Moral Conflict game of five dimensions.   Resources are used in nearly every dimension of the games, so managing it well can help players to succeed.  While the Military Dimension has most rules, they are mostly tactical in nature.  Rules in the Economic Dimension can feel more complex because of their  strategic impact.  A tutorial is now available now to supplement the rule book for the Economic Dimension.

The Moral Conflict Strategy Game Tutorial gives explanations and reasons behind the rules, which attempt to reflect real life scenarios. The tutorial also provides instructions and more examples in greater details. Some of the key concepts in the Economic Crisis include:

  • Destruction disks: damages to a land and to its infrastructure after a battle is now taken into account.
  • Producing and managing oil, gold, and factories become an important skill in developing a power.
  • Resource bargaining and transportation: players can buy, sell or exchange their resources. The resources will then need to be transported from one land to another.
  • Oil consumption level: setting the oil consumption level may be one of the most difficult concepts to grasp in the Moral Conflict game.  Yet its impact throughout the entire games is profound.

gold           Oil Production

The Moral Conflict Strategy Game Tutorial shows players how to add the 2nd Dimension, the Economic Crisis to the game.   Players should have already be familiar with the rules in Military Dimension, as the tutorial will only mention additional rules from the economic dimension in the military dimension rules.

Download Moral Conflict Tutorial Economic Dimension Here.