Playing Tips: Learning Moral Conflict Strategy Game

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Moral Conflict Components

Learning to play a new board game is an exciting adventure itself: reading the rules,  learning the tactics and their meanings, and ultimately trying to figure out the strategies to win. This process can also be overwhelming, specially in a deep strategy game like Moral Conflict.  Here are some tips for new players learning to play Moral Conflict strategy game.

Playing tip #1: Download the latest Rules

The rule has been streamlined and enhanced since its publication.  Download the latest version of the rule book here.

Playing tip #2: One Dimension at a Time

Start playing only the Military Dimension.  The Military Dimension has the most rules or tactics, so get familiar with these first.  The game can seem imbalanced as the Axis has the most powerful armed forces at the start, but play a round or two to learn the game mechanics, rather than trying to win.

Playing tip #3:  Powerful Economic Dimension

You can add the Economic Dimension next, or include both Economic and Diplomatic Dimensions together in the next game.  The Economic Dimension brings in the diplomatic aspect of the game as players can now trade and bargain.  The Economic Dimension also introduces a few important concepts like the heartland and oil consumption levels.  Download this Tutorial here for a more detailed understanding and clearer instructions.

Oil in Moral Conflict    Economic Dimension Rulebook

Playing Tip #4: Take The Time

If you are planning a game session for the first time, give yourself ample time to learn the rules and game pieces, at least one or two days before the game session, not an hour before.

Playing Tip #5: South as a Neutral Land

During the learning phase, play the South as Neutral Lands.  This implies playing with no more than four players.

Playing Tip #6: The Role of the South

The role of the South is very challenging and unique in a competitive game. At first the South cannot beat other powers in the Military War, but good management of its resources and diplomatic relations are key.  Hence a player should only takes on this role after he or she has played Moral Conflict a number of times.

Playing Tip #7: Have Fun!

Moral Conflict Strategy game encourages a lot of player interactions in the game. So go ahead, make deals and secret pacts.  And don’t be afraid to try out different roles.  In Moral Conflict, you are the pieces in the game!  You can be deceitful and enjoy the perks of staying in the dark, or you can turn the Axis into a peace maker and even share your technology research with the Empires.

Moral Conflict Components