ILIOS Strategy Game First Edition

ILIOS – First Edition


ILIOS First Edition

    • Deploy your warrior to raid and plunder in this cross between Othello and Go. Strike from different directions depending on your warrior’s strength, but who secures the plunder is not decided until warriors are completely surrounded.
    • The game consists of a 7×7 board, square tiles in 6 different designs, plus wooden disks in four different colors for up to four players

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  • 7×7 board
  • 56 square warrior tiles
  • 120 wooden disks in four different colors
  • Rulebook
  • Zip top bag(s)

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Product Description

ILIOS is a tile placing strategy game for 2-4 players that brings the aura of the Trojan War to your tabletop! Like Achilles and Ajax who would play board games between battles, you can challenge your friends to a battle of the minds trying to control, surround, and plunder the lands around the City of ILIOS, also known as Troy.

ILIOS is played on a 7 x 7 square board with tiles and disks. Following in the footsteps of Go and Othello, ILIOS has strategic depth and an element of suspense: will your opponent score on your turn? Plus, drawing tiles adds a random element that entices players of all skill levels.

Learn To Play

ILIOS takes only a few minutes to learn. For more fun and challenge, try the Expansion Rules!

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