Playing Tips: Learning Moral Conflict Strategy Game

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Moral Conflict Components

Learning to play a new board game is an exciting adventure itself: reading the rules,  learning the tactics and their meanings, and ultimately trying to figure out the strategies to win. This process can also be overwhelming, specially in a deep strategy game like Moral Conflict.  Here are some tips for new players learning to play Moral Conflict strategy game. … Read More

Moral Conflict Strategy Game Tutorial

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Moral Conflict Strategy Game

The Moral Conflict Strategy Game is a historical game based on the events during the Second World War. Starting in the summer of 1941, five world powers were engulfed in a struggle for world dominance and survival. In Moral Conflict, players lead their powers in a battle between good and evil, economic crisis, diplomatic negotiation, combat and a technology race. … Read More

Introducing Capere Social Abstract Board Game

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Capere Logo 1

CAPERE  – will powerful Roman gods prevail against men’s strength? During the period of Rome’s bloody civil wars, a divided army fought for control of one of the mightiest empires on earth. Players take sides to maneuver marble stones representing Roman soldiers on a board of 8×8 intersecting circles.  They must draw cards that determine the number of spaces their … Read More

Playford Games Releases New Collection of Abstract Strategy Games

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Chess & More Treasure Chest - Collection of Abstract Strategy Games

Newport Beach, CA – 26 October 2016. Playford Games, publisher of Cartography® and ILIOS, today released a massive 11-game treasure trove of classic and new abstract strategy board games based on ancient times. A well-thought-out games collection of abstract strategy games Players can choose from classics like Checkers (English Draughts), Egyptian Seega, and Roman Latrunculi, or can play newly devised … Read More

ILIOS abstract strategy game praised by reviewer Michael Fox

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ILIOS game session - B&W

As someone who enjoys abstract strategy games, Michael Fox of The Little Metal Dog Show, wanted to know if ILIOS succeeded in “capturing the concept of ‘moments to learn, lifetime to master.’” He was not disappointed noting that “…[ILIOS] doesn’t feel like the game suffers from the problem of being solvable (which is an issue some abstract titles can suffer … Read More

Pardcast-a-Thon Auction for Smile Train

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Pardcast auction for smile train

Ancient Conflict Treasure Chest is up for bidding at the 7th annual Pardcast-a-thon auction for Smile Train. Smile Train has been providing millions of children in developing countries with cleft repair surgery. Children with untreated clefts live in isolation, but more importantly, have difficulty eating, breathing and speaking. Smile Train leverages technology and innovation to train and utilize local partner hospitals … Read More

Cartography® Playing Tips- Strategy & Tactics Classic Version

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Cartography Map and Ink

Cartography Playing Tips – Strategy & Tactics Classic Version This tutorial offers Cartography playing tips with strategy and tactics.  Cartography is a unique and elegant game that fuses elements from the ancient strategy game Go and modern tile placement games. The result is a dynamic game played on a map that changes with each turn. Many fundamental strategies of Go … Read More

Game Nite Magazine gives a thumbs up in Cartography strategy game review

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Cartography on Game Nite Magazine

Editor-in-chief and game publisher Serge Pierro describes Cartography® as “Carcassonne meets Go” in his Cartography® strategy game review. Pierro writes in Game Nite Magazine #7,  “Unlike tile laying games…players are able to choose the tile in which they would like to play. Instead of it being a game with random possibilities, players can build a strategy of their own creation.” A tournament Go … Read More

Cartography® Tutorial – Thematic Version

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Cartography Chinese Horsemen

This tutorial helps you learn to play the strategy game Cartography.  It augments the Cartography® First Edition Rule book with step-by-step instructions.  This thematic version uses descriptive terms to aid a player in associating play with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. You can also check out the Classic version that uses Go-friendly terms. Playing Pieces There are tiles in … Read More