During the period of Rome’s bloody civil wars, a divided army fought for control of one of the mightiest empires on earth. After many years of campaigning, weary soldiers increasingly turned to infiltrating enemy territory to capture plunder. Meanwhile, fickle Roman gods interceded to decide the soldiers’ fate.

Your moves are determined by the number or gods tiles you draw. Sandwich an opponent’s soldiers on all sides or trap them against the edge of the board to kill them. Race to your opponent’s first row to gain plunder points.

An Overview of the Game


Players take turns playing tiles, moving armies, or capturing opponet's soildier.

  • Step 1 Play Tiles

  • Step2 Scoring

  • Step 3 Replacing and Drawing a Title



The winner is the first to score six or block their opponent’s soldiers so they are unable to move on their turn.

Each player receives 8 soldiers as tiles or figures in their player color:

Players share the use of 16 movement tiles in green & brown (2 each)

5 gods in green or brown.

Place all movement and god tiles in a bag. Each player randomly draws two tiles from the bag and keeps them hidden in their hand.

Players place their soldiers on their first row.

Game Designer

Paul Ali

A retired teacher in LA, CA, Paul's Capere is popular among school-aged children as an introduction to strategy games.