A Revolutionary Gaming Experience

Discover a games collection that constantly grows and updates.  Like streaming music and films for endless entertainment, the Ancient World Games Streaming System lets you collect many games and play them with the same components. The System Book offers a wide variety of game styles that appeal to players of all ages, interests, and skills.  They include icebreaker games for late groups, light-hearted games for families, and strategic challenges for more experienced gamers.  The mind-twister games are unusual and require you to think differently.

Take your role as a builder, artisan, sage, fisherman and a warrior in these easy-to-earn games, which open the door to adventures in the Ancient World. 




The main building blocks are versatile and multi-functional tiles, carefully designed to play a multitude of games.  Printed with universal symbols, colors, and numbers, these wood or printed chip tiles are readily identifiable by players from different cultural backgrounds.

Collect new Playford System Books, or download rules from the Playford website to access more.  There is always something new: information about new games, styles or types, or alternative ways of playing and expansion of already released games.

Like classic playing cards, the sets of components in this Streaming System enable anyone, even casual gamers to craft their own games.  The System Books include ideas and examples to guide and inspire your creativity.

Crowd Pleasers

Almost everyone will enjoy using their memory, social skills and managing their resources, as they compete in a race to discover and collect.

The Games

Light Hearted Games

Manage your resources carefully as you compete with up to 3 other players to move your pieces on the board or even eliminate your opponent’s pieces. With a little luck and skill you can escape, collect the most or be the first.

Family Games

Not quite so light hearted, as you need to be more mindful as there is no element of luck. All of these games can be played by up to 5 players and most allow you to choose cooperative or competitive play to collect the most or be the fastest.

Mind Games

Mostly, short, easy to learn games where you need to think carefully how you move your pieces and manage your resources as you compete with often just one other player to gain the most or be the first.

Strategy Games

More difficult to learn and play. Think a few moves ahead as you move your pieces and manage your resources. Compete to eliminate a number of other players or gain the most.

Brain Burners

Not difficult to learn but you need a high degree of strategy and careful, thoughtful movement of your pieces to eliminate your opponent’s pieces or knock them out of the game.


I have spoken before – and waxed poetically – of how important it is for youth to get into board games and make their own. Ancient World Multi Game System is absolutely brilliant....for this. A smashing collection of abstract games from single player to multiplayer, competitive to cooperative, with a surprising level of game depth and various speed. It’s all here. Now add in the ability and ease to make your own games and you have something worth a great deal. This is the hidden true value of the game system and one that players can only really appreciate if they have it all.             Weiter

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