Trojans and Achaens sent their best warriors in search of plunder in the epic battle for the ancient city of Troy. For ten years they raided and were pushed back, over and over again. A warrior’s glory however, was only gained when they finally got to plunder. Bronze age warriors possessed few powerful hard iron weapons. But were weapons and strength, destiny or the help of god’s most important to determine a warrior’s fate?

Ilios has a blend of fast offensive and defensive play. Drawing warriors from the bag represents the uncertainty and anticipation of divine intervention. Players take turns to place a warrior from their hand on the board. The rays represent their strength, which is used to raid in those directions of attack. The raids represent changing fortunes of war, as the plunder is not taken until a tile is completely surrounded.

ILIOS Ilios is a fast moving tile laying mixture of luck and strategy, which allows time for interaction with other players as you anticipate their moves.


Einfach aber geniale
Die ebenso einfache wie geniale Mechanik ist das große Plus von Ilios. Taktikfüchsen sei dieser Titel auf jeden Fall ans Herz gelegt.“

Sabstian Hamers von Next Gamer

Rather charming

“The fact that you can also play with two to four people and change the size of the board means that there is a lot of variance in Ilios - a smaller board with a larger number of players results in an incredibly tough game while having more space means you have more room to breathe and consider your options. It’s a refreshing approach to abstract gaming, and each different game setup actually manages to feel a little different.”

Michale Fox from Little Metal Dog

Give me a second chance!

ILIOS is a nice balance between simple game mechanics and chance. Very similar to some classic games... but it adds some mechanics that are more familiar... from the 21st century. When I lost I immediately saw why I lost, but mostly I felt like I could have played better, give me a second chance!

Jackson at a Gam Nnight