During the 4th Dynasty, the spectacular pyramids of Giza were built, on a low plateau above the Nile valley near Cairo. Tens of thousands of workers were employed to build and decorate the outside of the pyramids. The outside decoration lasted for hundreds of years before slowly falling away.

Compete or maybe cooperate somewhat to display or hide your handiwork as a pyramid is built level by level.

An Overview of the Game


Players take turns placing one to four blocks onto the board and drawing replacements from the bag.

  • Step 1 Place Blocks

  • Step2 Draw Blocks



Each player scores one for each of their color blocks in sight when the pyramid is completed. Each adjacent block connected in any direction to the largest area of their color scores another point.

  • All players connect with the marble.

  • No one connects with granite & tunnel.

The winner has the highest score.

Players share the use of 27 blocks in 4 colors, 10 granite, 4 marble blocks plus 8 tunnels:.

Each player randomly draws 8 blocks from the bag and may keep them hidden from the other players in their hand.

Game Designer

David Stennett

Dave lives in Munich, Germany where he founded Playford Games to publish the Moral Conflict series of 5-dimensional strategy games. These days Dave devotes his time to the continuous development of the Ancient World Streaming System.