Tribes of hunter-gatherers crossed mountainous tropical forests and competed to collect the most rare berries.

Place your tribesmen tiles to form paths across the board or block your opponents. Stack your tiles on your opponent’s tiles, when they are in the way. Regroup them back to your camp, ready to send them out again at the right moment.

Game Overview


Players take turns to send out tribesmen, regroup, and line them up across to the opposite side of the island.

  • Step 1 Send out Tribesmen

  • Step 2 Regroup Tribesmen

  • Step 3 Cross Island



Before the start of the game, players decide together whether three, four, five or six berries are enough. The winner is the first to gain enough berries in their camp.

Each player receives 25 tribesmen in their player color and keeps them aside in their camp, in sight of everyone. Use as many berries as needed to score.

Game Designer

David Stennett

Dave lives in Munich, Germany where he founded Playford Games to publish the Moral Conflict series of 5-dimensional strategy games. These days Dave devotes his time to the continuous development of the Ancient World Streaming System.